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About Us

At Fullsky our focus is simple.

We help communities and organisations be better at what they do!

Fullsky’s Lockie McDonald, Australia, (centre,) presents with Rocco Landesman, USA, and Pooja Sood, India at the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture.
Photo: Jorge de Araujo, courtesy of International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies.

Our 3 main streams of work:

We’ve worked in Alaska USA, Canada, South Africa, Fiji and the Pacific, throughout Australia including; the Indian Ocean Territories, and remote Aboriginal communities.

Fullsky have a reputation for listening hard and facilitating a process that results in legacy.

What does that really mean?

At Fullsky we believe the proof is in the pudding… and we’re only happy when the rubber hits the road.

Lockie McDonald is the Principal of Fullsky but when it is complex we assemble teams of specialists to deliver.

If you want to find out more contact us here.


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